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Pinomatic Oy has now been in business for over 30 years as a mechanization supplier for the wood processing industry. The company was established in 1988. During that time, we have acquired a significant role as a supplier of mechanics and automation for further processing of sawmill industries. We are significant supplier in Europe, the share of exports is over third and will grow in the future. We design, manufacture and market the production lines and equipment, and i.a. for glulam- and CLT production and LVL- and plywood industry. Close co-operation with the customer from designing to start-up ensures the best possible result to all our customers!

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The new production line produces the non-settling SmartLog of Kontiotuote. According to Kontiotuote, in addition to the domestic market, there is a high demand for logs worldwide. Currently, Kontiotuote supplies buildings, in addition to Finland, to approximately thirty countries each year, France, Russia, Japan, and Sweden being the largest export countries. The investment almost doubles the capacity of log production capacity of Kontiotuote. As the only log house manufacturer in the world, Kontiotuote processes and produces wood products itself from logs all the way to finished products.

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Metsä wood

The line manufacturing laminate veneer lumber (LVL) of Metsä Wood which is part of the Metsä Group, has been launched for a production test run at the Punkaharju mill in Savonlinna. The new line produces 65,000 cubic meters of veneer wood per year, known under the Kerto® LVL brand. The investment will increase the plant’s production by about 50%.

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CLT Plant

CLT Plant Oy started production of clt plates in autumn 2018 in Kauhajoki, Southern Ostrobothnia. The area is renowned for its entrepreneurial spirit, and this is also an indication of how and, with the help of a common spirit, even this big project starts to move. The company has a number of shareholders, most of whom are local individuals and companies. The factory is the third production unit to manufacture clt in Finland.

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Woodex exhibition in Moscov!

Welcome to the fair in Moscov! The Woodex 2019 fair is springing to action on the 3rd of December and continues to the 6th of

Pinomatic CC-660 optimizing saw

The Pinomatic product family has expanded with an optimized crosscut saw! The device is suitable for fixed-length cutting, length optimization and cutting out defects and

CrossPress X-3500

CrossPress is a newest part of Pinomatic press family. CrossPress is designed for CLT production. Our long experience in press manufacturing and our engineering department’s