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In late 2021, JPJ-Wood Oy and Pinomatic Oy concluded a contract on the delivery of a planing line. This is Pinomatic’s first project with JPJ-Wood, a company specialised in wood processing. Pinomatic delivered all the machines required for the mechanisation of the planing line. This system includes the destacking of kiln drying stacks, planer feeding and conveyors. After planing, the pieces are trimmed. The pieces can also be sorted onto two different layer stackers based on their quality. The line also includes a strength grading. In addition, the system is equipped with strapping and packaging functions. The line has been in production use since the beginning of September 2023.

“The entire preparation process, from lay-out planning and tendering to the conclusion of the contract, was carried out professionally and in a positive spirit with Pinomatic. In addition, their references and project management principles and practices were very convincing. Pinomatic designed the layout and solutions in such a way that all the functions fit into the same line,” says Markus Luodelahti, CEO of JPJ-Wood.

JPJ-Wood Oy is a private, family-owned sawmill located in the municipality of Juupajoki in the Pirkanmaa region, Finland. The company was founded in 1994 and it currently employs 60 people. JPJ-Wood’s turnover is 57 million EUR (2022). With a strong experience in wood processing, the company produces sawn and planed timber mainly for export. JPJ-Wood’s raw material is 100% Finnish and renewable. Exporting is over 90 % to over 30 countries, like: United Kingdom, Central Europe, North Africa, Arab world, China, Japan and Australia.

Pinomatic Oy has delivered a non-settling production line for log blanks to Vaaran Palkki Oy’s new production plant. The production line is Pinomatic’s first delivery to Veljekset Vaara, a family-owned group, and to Vaaran Palkki Oy, a company founded for log production. As well as the non-settling log production line, the delivery included a planing and finger jointing line.

Cooperation began in August 2019. The construction project went according to plan, and the installations and test runs were launched on schedule. The cooperation culminated in the completion of the new production facility in Tervola Puupuisto earlier the year 2021.

The timber billets manufactured at the plant have a height of 300 mm and the most common width is 205–270 mm. The capacity of the Vaara Palki factory is to produce logs for about 1,500 log houses, which means about 60,000 cubic metres of non-settling logs and beams per year. Based in Tervola, the company produces logs as a subcontractor for several log house manufacturers. The plant employs approximately twenty people.

State-of-the-art equipment enables Vaaran Palkki to raise its level of further processing and, in the long term, expand further processing to all of its production. The new 7,600 m2 plant will focus especially on the production of log billet. In addition, the plant will produce finger jointed exterior cladding billets and other finger jointed construction products and glulam beams. Veljekset Vaara was founded in 1981. Vaara group also includes Vaaran Palkki Oy and Vaaran Metsä Oy. Turnover is EUR 45 million (2022). The group employs a total of 100 employees.

Cooperation between Pinomatic and Protac began in 2015. Since then, Pinomatic has been involved to a very large degree in this design work and implementation. Over the years, a wide range of projects have been carried out in cooperation. Pinomatic has delivered devices and lines, e.g., from the finishing line to the mechanization at outfeed of a planer, an automatic shrink packing machine for bundles and the mechanization to link a ripsaw to an existing planer line. The latest project is a totally new planer line, highly automatized and with high capacity. The new high-capacity planing line enables the flexible processing of several different materials and the best benefit from the raw material, making it possible to produce two end products of different lengths at the same time in order to optimize the use of raw material.

“Pinomatic’s project design has provided customized solutions for Protac’s production needs. The projects have been carried out in a planned and successful manner and have supported Protac’s systematic and continuous production development work,” tells Pinomatic’s representative Vincent Planté from Finnso Bois.

Rose Group was founded Protac in 1995. The Rose Group is a French family-owned company located in the commune of Lamballe-Armor in western France in the Côtes-d’Armor district in the Brittany region. The company started its operations in 1949. Today Rose Group it is the French leader for farm building conception and construction. With a fierce desire to manage the quality of the buildings and products the company created a successful concept to offer its customers quality construction.

Long experience and determined development efforts have made the E.T.-Listat brand a market leader and industry leader in terms of quality. The company continues to invest in product development and more environmentally friendly production technology.

Pinomatic and E.T. Listat Oy’s cooperation has been long-lasting and has continued for over 20 years. Pinomatic’s production automation has been delivered for almost every stage of the company’s production. The company has purposefully developed its production methods and invested strongly in production automation.

E.T. Listat invested in e.g. to increase finger joint capacity and increase production efficiency and acquired a new finger joint and band saw line. The delivery includes for example in addition destacking equipment, automatic composition equipment, conveyors and feeders for planers, two high-power Pinomatic CC-760 S optimizing crosscut saws and a Pinomatic Wood Vision Evo4 scanner.

Pasi Rautio, Sales and Purchasing Director of E.T. Listat Oy: “Pinomatic has become a long-term and reliable partner for us. As a result of our investment, we managed to increase our finger jointing capacity. Nowadays, everything is finger jointed in order to make the product the right length. Finger jointed timber goes to the planers and painting for surface treatment and for further processing. We used to work in three shifts but since even that was not enough, we needed automation and more efficient production. The project has gone very well and without any surprises.”

“The choice of Pinomatic as a supplier was based on their ability to provide innovative solutions to our demands in terms of the sawline to Lohja LVL factory.”

Metsä Wood, Eero Lampola

Pinomatic Oy has been cooperating with Nerkoon Höyläämö — a family business located in Kihniö — for a long time. Nerkoon Höyläämö uses around 45,000 m3 of wood every year, consisting of spruce and pine. The company produces exterior and interior panels and mouldings as well as impregnated products. Pinomatic made its first delivery of a painting line mechanisation to Nerkoon Höyläämö already 15 years ago. Since then, the cooperation has continued and the most recent deliveries were a planer line in early 2019 and material de-stacking equipment in 2020.

This new investment is a planer line for one of three planing lines at the factory. It is mainly used for smaller and urgent product batches, which has required an investment in automation. The line was built in the new 650 m2 building that was constructed especially to meet the needs of the planing line.

Over the years, many different projects have been carried out in cooperation and, overall, these projects have been successful. They have included development of production in several projects. Deadlines have been met and the need for change has been successfully resolved. Every project has been successfully completed.

The new production line produces the non-settling SmartLog of Kontiotuote. According to Kontiotuote, in addition to the domestic market, there is a high demand for logs worldwide. Currently, Kontiotuote supplies buildings, in addition to Finland, to approximately thirty countries each year, France, Russia, Japan, and Sweden being the largest export countries. The investment almost doubles the capacity of log production capacity of Kontiotuote. As the only log house manufacturer in the world, Kontiotuote processes and produces wood products itself from logs all the way to finished products.

The production line of Smart Log is the first of its kind in the world, and this fact placed special demands on procurement. There were looking for the best experts and equipment suppliers in the industry around the world, but finally were found the necessary know-how from Finland. With the exception of the planer shipped from Slovenia, all equipment has been designed and delivered by Pinomatic Oy from Kauhajoki. 

The delivery of Pinomatic Oy included the complete manufacturing line of non-settling logs. The technology used is mainly based on Finnish know-how and has employed Finnish people, The project, which is challenging in terms of the schedule and technology, has been a great success in cooperation with Pinomatic Oy. On the basis of the long and strong expertise of Kontiotuote, high demands were placed on the new production line, to which Pinomatic responded with innovative and customer-specific solutions and a high level of automation.



Pinomatic Oy delivered a new combiline to SWM-Wood in March 2019. With the investment, SWM-Wood accelerated the lathing and packing. The new and efficient solutions on the line are especially gentle to handle wide pieces of sawn timber.

The Combiline is Pinomatic’s first delivery to SWM-Wood. From the outset, the line was individually designed to meet the needs of the customer. The ideas for the line were pondered long with the customer, and finally, the right solutions were found. According to Pinomatic’s Sales Manager Sami Malinen, long-term planning was based on ease of use of the line and the importance of gentle treatment of heat-treated wood, without compromising the quality raw material at any time. Although the existing hall had its own challenges to design, the space could accommodate all the functions required by the line. Before the delivery the SWM-Wood staff arrived at Pinomatic and trained the personnel for the introduction of the new line.

SWM-Wood is located in Mikkeli and is one of the leading Finnish manufacturers of heat-treated wood. The company was founded in 1998 and produces high-quality heat-treated wood with a wide range of products. The company specializes in domestic pine and spruce as well as knotless radiata pine. The company is an expert in heat-treated wood, which can be recognized by the ThermoWood trademark.

The line manufacturing laminate veneer lumber (LVL) of Metsä Wood which is part of the Metsä Group, has been launched for a production test run at the Punkaharju mill in Savonlinna. The new line produces 65,000 cubic meters of veneer wood per year, known under the Kerto® LVL brand. The investment will increase the plant’s production by about 50%.

The implementation of Pinomatic delivery combines the strong expertise of Metsä Wood in mechanical wood processing and the innovative solutions of Pinomatic, as well as experience in equipment supply for the wood products industry. The delivery contained the LVL line from the press all the way to the complete package.

The delivery included the entire line project management and scheduling, and also installations of the equipment of other suppliers were included in the delivery of Pinomatic. The installation of the line started in mid-November, and the line was launched in mid-February, i.e., the installation time was only three months.

The choice of Pinomatic as a supplier was based on their ability to provide innovative solutions to Metsä Wood’s demands in terms of the sawline. In 2016, Pinomatic also delivered an almost equivalent line to Lohja factory of Metsä Wood. The demonstration of the successful delivery of the previous sawline also confirmed choice in favor of Pinomatic.

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