Pinomatic to provide mechanization of glue beam factory in Russia

September 17, 2021

Hasslacherles, part of the Austrian company Hasslacher Group, will have a new glue beam factory constructed in the village of Malaya Višera, Novgorod Oblast, Russia. The new 8000 m² plant will be built in connection with the existing sawmill and will start production in the summer of 2022. Japanese beam and a larger 13.5-metre glue beam will be manufactured at the factory. Hasslacher is 120 years old Austria’s largest glulam manufacturer, also one of Europe’s largest glulam producers, which has grown from a rural family business to a pioneer in high technology and professionalism.

Pinomatic delivers the factory with production line mechanization equipment and automation. The line includes two finger jointing lines, three planers, a scanner and a press. The delivery includes also two-layer storages, with the possibility of expansion in each storage. Dryer stacks will be fed into the line and the maximum dimension of the finished outgoing beam will be 13.5 m. Pinomatic also delivers walkways for the lamella storage, an inspection and repair stations for beams and a cutting saw for beams.

As a mechanization supplier for the wood processing industry, Pinomatic has strong expertise in the delivery of glued beam production lines. The delivery will be the largest export trade in Pinomatic Oy’s history and at the same time the first delivery to Russia.

Updated 1/2022: Currently, the production line is in the production phase. 

Pinomatic received guests from Austria. Pictured (from left): Markus Rantamäki, Project Manager at Pinomatic and Matias Rantala Managing Director at Pinomatic, From Hasslacher Michael Fercher, Technical Director, Heimo Zraunig, Head of Electrical Engineering, Christoph Hopfgartner, Management Assistant and Maximilian Riegg, Representative of Pinomatic’s German-speaking Europe.