Pinomatic expands its product range in the further processing of logs

March 25, 2020

In March, Pinomatic purchased the log house production technologies from Makron Oy. The acquisition will transfer all log and product rights from Makron to Pinomatic, as well as machine maintenance, spare parts and upgrades.

The log house production machines and software fit Pinomatic well as they complement the company’s current product range. This gives Pinomatic an even greater opportunity to strengthen its supply to the log house industry both domestically and in the growing export markets. As with other solutions, Pinomatic continues to develop technology for log production.

In the future, service, spare parts and upgrades will be handled through

More information: Matias
Rantala +358 40 809 4942.

Maintenance and upkeeping service: Masa Kytölä +358 40 128 5037