Pinomatic Oy turned 35 years!

27 July 2023

Pinomatic Oy 35 years of entrepreneurship

Pinomatic Oy, a Finnish manufacturer and mechanization supplier of automatic production lines and equipment for the wood processing industry, founded in 1988, turned 35 in July. During this time, the company has grown and developed into what it is now: our family business is Finland’s market leader in its field. The cornerstones of our company’s success are the entire production process – the manufacture of high-quality lines and equipment from designing to commissioning and maintenance. All lines and equipment are designed from start to finish in our own production facilities in Kauhajoki, where all our experts are and where all our machines and devices are available all the time.

The share of exports in production has strengthened in recent years as a result of strong product development work being about 40%. A large line and equipment deliveries have been made to Middle-Europe, Baltic countries and South America. Our customers are further processors of the sawmill industry, such as glulam, log house manufacturing, CLT, LVL, and plywood factories. Despite the challenges, the last few years have brought technological changes and great developments. More ecological and responsible guidelines also shape Pinomatic’s production innovations.

It’s good to continue doing business from here! We manufacturer products which facilitates the use of wood as an ecological alternative for construction, and at the same time promotes the process efficiency of wood industry production as our customers use wood as an increasingly versatile raw material.