Pinomatic Oy delivers a wood processing plant for Vaaran Palkki Oy in Tervola, Finland

May 5, 2020

Pinomatic Oy has made a cooperation agreement with Vaaran Palkki Oy that covers the automation of the wood processing production in the new processing plant.

Pinomatic delivery includes finger jointing line, a production line for non-settling log and a planning line for the final product. Delivery includes the whole production process: timber bundle is brought to the beginning of the line and it is automatically processed into the glue-laminated products. The products manufactured in the new processing plant are forwarded to end customers, such as log house manufacturers, house factories, and to other distribution channels.

The deal is the biggest total delivery package in Pinomatic’s history, and among the largest Finnish investments in the manufacture of builders’ carpentry and joinery. The new Vaaran Palkki factory produces components for about 1.500 log houses, which is about 60.000 m3 of non-settling logs or timber beams per year. Delivery will be completed in March 2021 and this project employs Pinomatic’s personnel for one year.

Pinomatic manufactures production lines and equipment for wood processing industry with 32 years of experience. All products are designed and manufactured from the beginning to the end at Pinomatic’s factory in Kauhajoki, Finland. Our clients are further processors of sawn timber, such as factories manufacturing products from glue-laminated timber, CLT, LVL and plywood as well as log houses. Pinomatic is the market leader in its field in Finland and in recent years we have strengthened our position in abroad as a result of intensive development work. Almost 40% of our production is exported. The turnover of the family enterprise is approx. €9 million. The company employs 52 persons and the size of the production facilities is 7.200 m2.

Veljekset Vaara corporation was established in 1981. In addition to the timber sawing parent company, it includes the timber purchasing company Vaaran Metsä Oy and also Vaaran Palkki Oy which was established for log production. The whole corporation employs about 80 persons.

Building of a new production facility in Tervola Puupuisto industrial park has been initiated and the goal is to complete the facilities by the beginning of 2021, when the equipment installations can also be started. The height of the manufactured log blanks is 300 mm and the most common width is 205-270 mm. New factory will employ about twenty persons.

The equipment represents the latest technology and enables Vaaran Palkki Oy to increase the level of further processing, and in the long run the further processing of the entire production. The main focus in the new 7.600 m2 production facility is the production of log blanks. In addition, the factory produces finger-jointed cladding blanks and other finger-jointed building products as well as glulam beams.